1. The recommendations and thorough analysis provided by I.C.P. Consulting assisted our organization in not only accurately preparing, but also prioritizing strategic action items to aide in reducing the opportunity for crime to occur while significantly enhancing the quality of life of the residents in which we serve. As a Regional Manager in the affordable multifamily housing industry, the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)assessment completed by both Dirk and Karen was invaluable to the Operations Management team. Using the results and recommendations of the survey, a comprehensive plan to outline continued capital improvements was prepared. The analysis provided a base line for all future improvements in which developmental goals would be measured and maintained. Through the use of year-to-date statistics and projected trend analysis from local data, Management was able to prepare a systematic approach to best address areas of concern from greatest to least significance with regard to crime reduction non or surrounding the property. The methodical approach allowed for both qualitative and quantitative review in which the feedback plays a critical role in the preparation of the annual development of then company’s operating and capital budgets. I.C.P. Consulting’s expertise in CPTED overlapped with the physical and social management of multifamily housing provides a streamlined platform for Management to further develop the day-to-day operations of a property while generating positive change to create safer, more socially responsible communities.

Stephanie Ingram
Regional Property Manager
Eureka Multifamily Group

2. The Toledo Police Department is committed to looking at crime from not only a reactionary effort, but in a preventative effort before a crime occurs to another victim. We are committed to looking at several solutions in order to help reduce crime within our community. As a member of the Community Services Bureau, I completed the 40 hour course of study in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). The class was a wealth in information which can be applied in most any environment, including homes, office buildings, shopping areas and businesses, parks, and any open area. One of the impressive parts of CPTED is that it requires input from multiple people, including users of a space who might have varied perceptions of what makes it feel scary or safe, as well as property managers, community developers, and law enforcement personnel. CPTED is not meant to be a cure-all for criminal behavior. It is, however an excellent problem-solving approach to crime prevention. Through a cooperative effort between the police and those we serve, CPTED can reduce both crime and the fear of crime.

Sergeant Greg Mahlman
Toledo Police Department
Community Services Bureau

3. As a Community Services Police Officer, in the City of Toledo, I found CPTED training to be very informative, interesting and for the most part, easy to apply. The Instructors were professional and materials were well prepared. The course kept my interest & attention during the entire 40 hours of instruction. The practical portion of the course was especially interesting and fun. The crime prevention ideas were very interesting, effective and will be a great help in the reduction of crime. I foresee the training I received will be very useful in my profession as a Community Services Police Officer. The most important benefit in my opinion of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) will be the improved quality of life for the residence, workers and visitors of the City of Toledo, State of Ohio.

Officer Jim Below
Toledo Police
Community Services

4. As a member of our department’s community services bureau I have the opportunity to help develop long term, strategic plans to address crime and quality of life issues that are problematic in the community. This requires a holistic approach to problem solving and to determining the root causes of issues that plague the diverse communities in our city. Recently I attended a basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) course that utilizes design principles that can be used either proactively or retroactively to prevent or reduce crime. By combining physical security measures and designs that emphasize crime prevention criminal activity can be prevented or reduced. This evidence based program will certainly add a much needed dimension to our efforts to attack crime and improve the quality of life for the citizens we serve.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lieutenant Philip Cook
Toledo Police Community Services Bureau, Toledo Ohio


5.  I really enjoyed hearing all about CPETD.  If CPETD is being
implemented throughout cities in Europe and the U. S., I can only hope that
Toledo now will see the value in it.  I intend to add some extra exterior
lighting to our home as a result of your presentation, and I will make it a point to
make sure my porch light is on every night.

 – Diane Routson

Crossgate Block Watch Leader


6.  Thank you so much for speaking at our meeting last night! Our members
were really excited about your presentation and had nothing but good
things to say about it after the meeting adjourned. CPTED is such an
interesting concept and your presentation personally made me want to go
home right away and re-evaluate my home to make it safer and less of a
target to criminals. You two are such great speakers and so knowledgeable
about the subject. I will definitely suggest you to others!

 – Allison Snyder

Beverly Block Watch