Helpful Tips



Quick Tips when your out of town:

  1. Always keep valuables out of sight and park in a well-lit and observable area
  2. Be conscious of your surroundings before exiting your car, and whenever possible go with another person
  3. Have your keys in hand and ready before arriving to your car
  4. Always make eye contact with people and greet them. This simple gesture may prevent you from being a target
  5. When going out of town:
  6. Don’t let mail and newspapers accumulate
  7. Keep lights on a timer and let a trusted neighbor know to watch your home
  8. Turn ringers down on home phones, and don’t leave messages indicating that you are gone for the holidays.
  9. Wait until you get home to post pictures of your holiday travels on social media sights
  10. Try to maintain your home the same as when you are there. Ask a neighbor to take out and bring trash in, and remove snow.

Quick Tips To Preventing Identity Theft

  1. Do not disclose your credit card number to an online vendor unless it is encrypted and the site is secure. Look at the first part of the Web address on your browser. It should read https://
  2. Shred discarded documents including pre-approved credit card applications, bank statements, store receipts and utility bills.
  3. Cancel any credit cards you no longer use and carry as few as possible in your wallet.
  4. Do not give out personal information, especially on the phone or in response to an e-mail, unless you initiate the contact or know the person.
  5. Write Check ID with signature on the signature line on the back of the credit card.

Quick Tips On Crime Prevention For Businesses

  1. Try to use the most visible entrance to the business and avoid back or secluded entrances when opening or closing.
  2. When possible have at least two employees open and close the business especially when hours of operations fall during night hours.
  3. Ensure proper lighting is used and maintained in parking lots and building entrances.
  4. Always be aware of your surroundings. It’s beneficial to wait and make sure there is no suspicious activity before exiting the building or your vehicle. Criminals take advantage of persons
    with routine habits.
  5. If your company deals with the transfer of money, rotate days or times of transfer.

Quick Tips for Home Safety

  1. Keep you property clear of any tools that a criminal can use to commit a crime. Ladders kept outside or unsecured sheds provide opportunities for the criminal.
  2. Keep valuables out of clear sight from the outside. Be conscious of how you discard boxes from a new TV, computer or sound system. This will only encourage criminals to break in.
  3. Keep your home well lit with proper lighting.
  4. Prevent advertising to friends via social media of when you are out of town.
  5. Record and take pictures of make, model and serial number of your valuables and store the information in a safe or safety deposit box.