Unfortunately crime is a daily occurrence that has a direct effect on our homes, businesses, parks, and community as a whole. Crime is about opportunity and crime decreases if the opportunity to commit the crime is reduced or eliminated. I.C.P. Consulting will look at how the existing environment can be changed to work against crime by eliminating criminal opportunities in and around your property or business. This will result in your property being a less appealing target.

  • I.C.P. Consulting is available to provide your company, police department, or community program, training in CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).
  • I.C.P. Consulting offers the development of company emergency preparedness plans, to help you be prepared for a critical events involving evacuations, black outs, severe weather, or active shooters. We will look to make sure you have the right safeguards in place to protect your employees, customers or families in the event of a serious incident.
  • I.C.P. Consulting works with Multi-family properties to introduce Crime Free Multi-housing, to ensure that your residents and employees are living and working in a safe environment. Crime Free Multi-housing not only looks to ensure strategies to deter crime are in place, but looks to ensure proper administrative support is in place to ensure resident expectations are clear to reduce internal crime issues.